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1How low will my ping go with ExitLag?
ExitLag optimizes the route your game traffic will take to reach the game server. This means that it will give you the lowest possible ping depending on the destination server’s location.

For example, if you are a resident of Karachi, the best ping you can get while connecting to a server in Bahrain/UAE is 20-30ms. ExitLag will ensure the connection takes the shortest possible route so that your latency falls in this bracket.

Similarly, if you are connecting to a server in Europe from Karachi, your ping should ideally fall between 100-120ms. Using ExitLag will not change this to 50-60ms as the combination of current technology and physical distances has certain limitations.
2How do I use ExitLag?
Once you have an active subscription, you need to download the ExitLag application. You will log in using your ExitLag credentials.

Simply follow the steps to set up optimization:

• Search for the game title
• Choose the preferred server location
• Hit Apply Routes
• Launch the game

If you wish to change the server location while you are in-game, you may disconnect temporarily. Safest way is to change servers and then relaunch the game.
3I’m having issues while using the ExitLag application!
For any issues related to the functionality of the ExitLag service, you should log in to the ExitLag website and create a support ticket from there. You can also visit the Help Center for information related to ExitLag.

Visit the ExitLag Help Center:

Log in here:
4I’m having issues with payments and billing!
For issues related to payments, plan selection, billing, call 1441 – ext. 3 to speak to a Nayatel billing representative.