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What is a dedicated server?
A dedicated server gives exclusive access to the client of an entire server along with all its resources. This enables optimal performance because of the autonomy provided.
What is cloudflare?
Cloudflare protects against threats to your external facing resources (APIs, applications, and websites) and ensures your internal resources' performance (behind your firewall applications, devices, and teams), thus optimizing the performance and security.
Why do I buy SSL for my website?
SSL enables HTTPS encryption thereby providing site security. Without an SSL certificate, the visitors on your website have more risk of a data breach. SSL certificate mitigates this risk, increasing customer trust and also protects the website from phishing attacks, breaches, and other threats ranking
How do I get started with Dedicated Hosting?
To get started; simply choose the plan that best suits your need. You can get a quote and signup for our Basic, Standard, or Premium Hosting Plans based on the number of resources needed by your website.
Can I manage Dedicated Server Hosting through a web-based control panel?
Yes, cPanel will be installed and is included in our packages. It is GUI-based and easy to use.