Nmail Prices

Professional Edition

SSDCost per mailbox (PKR)
5 GBRs. 1,000/month
Rs. 11,000/year
10 GBRs. 1,175/month
Rs. 13,000/year
15 GBRs. 1,350/month
Rs. 15,000/year
20 GBRs. 1,525/month
Rs. 17,000/year
25 GBRs. 1,725/month
Rs. 19,500/year

Standard Edition

SSDCost per mailbox (PKR)
5 GBRs. 800/month
Rs. 9,000/year
10 GBRs. 975/month
Rs. 11,000/year
15 GBRs. 1,150/month
Rs. 13,000/year
20 GBRs. 1,350/month
Rs. 15,000/year
25 GBRs. 1,525/month
Rs. 17,000/year

Business Email Plus

SSDCost per mailbox (PKR)
5 GBRs. 550/month
Rs. 6,200/year
10 GBRs. 725/month
Rs. 8,100/year
15 GBRs. 900/month
Rs. 10,000/year
20 GBRs. 1,075/month
Rs. 12,250/year
25 GBRs. 1,275/month
Rs. 14,000/year

Business Email

SSDCost per mailbox (PKR)
5 GBRs. 360/month
Rs. 4,000/year
10 GBRs. 525/month
Rs. 5,800/year
15 GBRs. 700/month
Rs. 7,900/year
20 GBRs. 900/month
Rs. 9,750/year
25 GBRs. 1,075/month
Rs. 11,750/year
    Terms and conditions
  • Offer is available to all new Nmail customers
  • Customer will not be able to downgrade their packages before one month (This month will be considered after 1st free promo month)
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