Block access to malicious websites through content filtering facility and ensure the safety of end-users, Set up separate blacklists and whitelists, to block and allow users for accessing certain websites. The safe web offers DNS-based protection against botnet threats, malicious malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, without the requirement of hardware or software.


Parental Control

Limit access to harmful websites and content for your children

Work Benefits

Manage and control your employees’online activity through custom corporate filters

Educational Filter

Provide safe web surfing at educational institutes and libraries.


Safe Environment

To prevent kids from visiting inappropriate website public wifi networks

Secure Connection

Provide extra protection against phishing, malware and botnet



Safeweb Home

RS 99+tax



Safeweb Corporate

RS 549+tax


Terms & Conditions
  • Home, Connect and Premium Internet customers can avail Safe Web Service.
  • Service will be charged on pro-rate basis.
  • You will be redirected to Nayatel Customer Portal where you can log in to subscribe to this service.
  • If a user account is locked, Safe Web will also be locked.
  • Charges are exclusive of Government taxes.
  • In case of queries, please contact Support.