Speed Up your Bandwidth with Unlimited Downloads & Uploads. This service gives you the control on your internet speed at affordable rates.

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NIGHT Packages


SPEED-UP Night sessions are active from 2 AM to 9 AM

> Terms & Conditions Apply
Following terms and conditions for Speed Up service are applicable.
  • Additional 5 GHz router or Wi-Fi 6 ONT is recommended to avail full speed on 50 Mbps and above packages via Wi-Fi.
  • Speeds higher than 50 Mbps through Wi-Fi (5 GHz router or Wi-Fi 6 ONT) may also be dependent on user’s end-device (smartphone, laptop, etc.) & environmental factors. It is recommended to use an Ethernet (LAN) cable with Nayatel ONT, where possible.
  • If you subscribe to a monthly night package during the month, you will be charged for the full month without proration of charges.
  • You can cancel a session/subscription 15 minutes prior to your scheduled Speed Up session
  • In case of any change to your monthly internet package, your Speed Up session will remain scheduled.
  • During an active Speed Up session, subscriptions for other value-added services (VAS) cannot be activated. Previously subscribed VAS will function as usual.
  • Government taxes are applicable.
  • SPEED-UP service is currently offered to Home customers in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Peshawar.