An Intelligent Firewall Solution

Are you worried for excessive usage of your internet and time wasted by your employees in surfing?

If yes, Nwall is the solution with following features:

  • Who’s surfing and where?
  • Block any website (Youtube, Facebook, Torrents etc.) and other content for each user
  • Bandwidth control for torrents
  • Detailed reporting

What you need?

  • A dedicated PC on your network with 2 Ethernet cards.


Home: Starting from Rs. 16,500 per year

Corporate: Starting from Rs. 10,000 per month

Free remote management & live support
Please contact sales@nayatel.com

What is Nwall?

Nwall is a next generation firewall used to deploy tools that will help in monitoring and blocking of websites, applications and users.

Does Nwall requires a hardware?

Yes. Nwall is software based that is installed on standard Intel-compatible PC.

Can I block specific applications using Nwall?

Yes. Nwall can be used to block specific applications like Torrents, Proxies, Youtube APP, Facebook APP, etc.

Can I monitor who is viewing what website?

Yes. You can monitor all the traffic pasing through the server including what websites are being opened, what applications are being used and how much bandwidth is being used by any user.

What issues can Nwall help  you in addressing?

Nwall can help you in addressing following issues along with many others:

  • Monitor and Block
    • Websites of your choosing
    • Torrent, Proxies, Mobile/Desktop applications (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsAPP, etc)
  • Find out who is opening which website/application along with historical record of their activities
  • Control additional usage issues
  • Allow few users to open some websites and restrict others on same
  • Ban prohibited content
  • Allow internet access during certain time of day only