Push Your Visual Experience to the Limit

4K Image Quality

The best 4K viewing experience to enhance every visual detail. Enjoy rich colors with crisp details that feel real. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies from your preferred streaming platforms and apps in 4K UltraHD quality.

without 4kwith 4k

Powerful Features, Endless Possibilities

Discover the exceptional capabilities of our ATV Box through a spectrum of cutting-edge features.


Wi-Fi 5


Bluetooth 5.0






Android Version 11


8GB Flash


USB 2.0


HDMI 2.1

Take Control with Ease

Sleek and Intuitive Remote Control

The minimalist remote design feels good in the hand and is intuitive, allowing you to easily navigate your screen and switch between apps. Access Netflix and YouTube on your TV with a click through shortcuts.


Plug and Play

Seamless HDMI Connection

Enjoy smooth connectivity with your ATV device, linking it to your TV through HDMI. Streamline your entertainment experience as you transmit content and sync devices effortlessly.



Wirelessly cast your favorite device

Chromecast built-in

Experience seamless content streaming from your phone or tablet directly to your TV. With Chromecast, effortlessly cast your favorite movies, shows, and apps onto the big screen for an immersive entertainment experience, all controlled from your handheld device.


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One-Time Payment

Rs. 17,500

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  • No monthly installments required.
  • No security cheque required.

One-Year Installments

Rs. 1,000 /Month

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  • Upfront payment: PKR 6,000.
  • A security cheque is required from customers who have been using Nayatel services for less than a year."

Note: No buyback policy for ATV Box

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1What is Android TV Box?
The Android TV Box is a compact device that allows you to convert your regular TV into an Android TV. It provides a complete entertainment solution by allowing access to multiple streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. It runs Android apps, plays games, and enables browsing, offering a diverse range of entertainment options right on your TV screen.
2How can I get Android TV Box?
You can simply purchase the Nayatel Android TV Box by placing your order through the website or ordering a call back.
3How does Android TV Box work?
The Android TV Box functions by connecting to your TV via HDMI port and accessing the internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It runs on the Android 11 operating system, providing access to apps, games, and streaming services. You can navigate the interface using our remote control.
4Do I need a smart TV to use Android TV Box?
No, you don't need a smart TV to use an Android TV Box. The Android TV Box can be connected to any TV with an HDMI port, granting access to a wide array of apps, streaming services, and functionalities typically associated with smart TVs.

1Does Android TV Box need Wi-Fi?
Yes, you need an active internet connection to run Nayatel Android TV Box. While the TV Box connects to your TV via HDMI, streaming apps and content require internet connectivity.
2Can I watch live TV on Android TV Box?
Yes, you can watch live TV on an Android TV Box through the NayaTV service. NayaTV offers a diverse range of live TV channels, spanning news, sports, and entertainment. Enjoy real-time access to your favorite shows and events hassle-free.
3What is the Android TV Box price in Pakistan?
You can get your Android TV Box for just Rs 17,500. You can make a one-time payment or avail our monthly installment facility at your convenience.
4What apps can I run on Android TV Box?
An Android TV Box essentially runs on the Android operating system and provides a platform for various applications, similar to a standard Android device. Some common apps that you can run on an Android TV Box are Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Naya TV, Spotify, etc.
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