Basic Cable

Nayatel Basic Cable offers theater quality audio and with incredible variety and unmatched dependability.

  • Watch your favourite news channels, your sports teams, or keep current on international entertainment
  • Basic Cable TV includes free to air (FTA) channels bouquet including BBC, CNBC, Geo, ARY, PTV, etc.
  • No separate setup costs would be charged as these charges are bundled in the ONT and connection installation
  • Customer would be able to connect 4 TV sets to the ONT without any loss of signal.

Package Monthly Charges (Rs)
Basic Cable Rs. 400/-
Rates of the materials are as follows: Price PKR:
1:2 RF Splitter Rs. 115
1:3 RF Splitter Rs. 200
1:4 RF Splitter Rs. 250
RG6 cable Rs. 20/ft
Joint Rs. 26
Attenuator Rs. 130
Upfront Charges
For Corporate Customers Installation charges Connect, Premium and MAN (Metro Network) Packages (includes 200 ft double fiber drop cable) Rs. 6,000
For Home Customers Installation charges Home Package (includes 100 ft double fiber drop cable) Rs. 3,000

Choice of hardware
Optical Network Terminal (ONT) 4 Ethernet ,2 POTS, 1 RF with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Click for details Rs 1,000 per month (on 26 months installment plan) NOTE: Total GST charges will be applicable on first installment. ONT can also be purchased via full up front payment

Note: 16 % Excise Duty applicable as per Government Rules
As per PEMRA Rules, Cable TV license is mandatory for Hotels, Motels, Hostels and Guest Houses. Refer to Page-26 of PEMRA Rules.

Extended Warranty Plan

Terms and conditions for extended warranty plan beyond standard 12 month warranty:

  • Nayatel offers its customers, extended warranty package @ Rs. 200/month for Nayatel provided ONT, Home Router and UPS (battery excluded)
  • Warranty of the above mentioned hardware will be extended from 13th month till the customer terminates extended warranty package.
  • Customers purchasing new hardware after October 01, 2011, are eligible to avail this package.
  • Customers who purchased hardware before October 01, 2011 can avail 50% discount on new ONT in case of irrecoverable fault on existing one. This offer is valid for customers, using Nayatel services for more than two years.
  • This package is to be activated right after the expiry of standard warranty. In case of lapse, the customer is liable to pay the difference upfront. Example: If customer opts for the extended warranty package, five months after the expiry of standard warranty, he/she will pay Rs. 1,000/ (200 for each of the lapsed months), upfront and monthly Rs. 200/ - for the following months, till desires to keep the extension.
  • Hardware with expired warranty will be tested for satisfactory working, before activation of the package.
  • A six month prior notice would be required for the termination of extended warranty package.
  • Other terms of extended warranty will be the same as of standard warranty.
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