Anti Spamming

Spammers use a variety of techniques to send spam emails to your organization. Nayatel brings Anti-spamming solution which helps you stop spam emails up to 80% that are reaching your inbox. .

  • Anti-spam Solution
  • Content filtration
  • Sender Reputation authentication
  • Behaviour Analysis - Identifies new, crafted, and hidden malware by examining the behaviour of suspicious email
  • Threat analysis and Blockage
Package Price(PKR)
Email Filtration up to 250 users 6,600/Monthly
Email Filtration for 250 to 500 users 11,400/Monthly
Email Filtration for 500 & above users 19,300/Monthly

Email Queuing:

Email Queuing enables you to have a backup email server for all your incoming emails. When your main email server is down, email queuing feature keeps your emails in queue and immediately forwards them once your email server goes live again. Anti-spamming service is complimentary with email queuing.

Email Relaying:

Email servers getting blacklisted on RBLs is a major problem for people across the globe. Nayatel Email Relaying service, lets you send email messages via our SMTP servers while using your existing email servers. Nayatel server makes the outgoing connection and hides your server's Identity.

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Note: All these services will be provided as best effort services.