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Never miss a call with Nayatel Phone App. Connect your landline
number with your cellphone to dial and receive calls in your


How to use?

Terms & Conditions
• The application is only applicable for customers subscribed to both Nayatel phone and internet connections.
• Currently, the service is only available for Android devices, version lollipop 5 and above.
• Confirmation/verification codes will be forwarded to both, registered mobile number and email address.
• For the App to function properly, app permissions need to be approved by the user after installation.
• The service is only available for customer with Huawei ONT.
• Only one landline number can be registered against an android device at a time.
• Customers can switch between their Nayatel numbers by ‘logging out’.
• To continue Phone App services after landline number is changed, the customer is required to send an intimation email to
• Nayatel reserves the right to cancel the service at any given time due to technical difficulties.
• Activation requires at least 30 minutes.
• Standard call charges will apply to all calls made from Phone App.
• Phone App will only operate within the range of Nayatel Wi-Fi.
• The quality of the call is dependent on the strength of Wi-Fi signals which can be monitored using Wi-Fi Analyzer, available on Google Apps.
• To discontinue the service, an intimation email or SMS needs to be sent to billing/ from the registered email address or Mobile number, respectively.
• Customer can select from the 3 call forwarding options:
o Call Forwarding if Busy – If the landline is in use, the call will be forwarded to Phone App
o Call Forward Unconditional – After the first bell on landline, all calls will be transferred to Phone App
o Call Forward if No Reply – If the call goes unattended on the landline, the call will be transferred to Phone App device
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Billing: (09:00 am to 05:30 pm)
Support: 24*7

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