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  • I've read quite a few testimonials at your website before requesting my order, and I never imagined myself writing one. Bravo to the technical team and the sales team which made my life easier with your impeccable services through an early installation. I believe, it’s just the start for me to the wonders of your services. Being with PTCL for many years; this is like a life-change experience for me.
    Mr. Qaiser Arafat
  • I had been using another internet service provider for several years but due to poor services, I was not satisfied. I applied for NAYAtel internet connection but it was partially available in my area. Thanks to the CEO of NAYAtel, Sir Wahaj, who gave me the hope for Internet services ASAP. Today, NAYAtel has made my life easier and I am highly satisfied. Thank You NAYAtel for being marvelous and outstanding. NAYAtel ROCKS!
    Muhammad Awais Khan Niazi
  • Really enjoying the journey with Nayatel you guys are doing a great effort to keep up the services to the mark.
    Mohsin Nadeem
  • Great .. been using nayatel since 4 years .. amazing service.. fully satisfied.
    Ali Sultan
  • i started my Services from **** internet but after sometime i felt that **** services is going to downwards. When i realize that i should switch the serivces. then i came into NAYATEL services and now more then 2 years nayatel never give me the chance of complaint. Nayatel is the Best.
    Faisal Shaheen
  • I was with a different ISP before and their internet used to stop working almost every other week. Finally, frustrated with them I contacted Nayatel and havent looked back on my decision since that day. I havent had to contact nayatel over internet issues *even once*.
    Ajwad Javed
  • Got home to find out that internet wasn’t working. Called support and within thirty minutes my issue was resolved. I have to mention here that this was the first time nayatel gave me such an issue but props to them for resolving it so fast. Definitely a customer service that many companies can take inspiration from.
    Mahad Amir
  • I am using Nayatel since March 2016. I am 100% satisfied with the service so far. It is the best internet service in the area. I would definitely recommend Nayatel to everyone.
    Muhammad Nasir
  • Previously i used many companies internet and cable TV, but now when we used Nayatel Internet, Cable and Telephonic facility now we are very comfortable. Thank You Nayatel for providing good services.
    Azhar Abbas Jam
  • Today, Saturday, July 23, a Nayatel team came to my residence and connected my cable TV and internet. I want to say that your team was excellent. They were prompt, courteous, professional, and very much knew what they were doing. Thank you for this service.
    Mark Kennedy
  • What a professional team Nayatel is. From top to bottom professionally tamed,Respectful attitude/speaking. Group of professionals whatever the position is at Nayatel. They hate to bypass company's protocols. I never experienced this type of facilitation in any telecom sector. Really love it. May you succeed a lot in future. Ameen Successfully installed nayatel at home. Thanks
    Shehryar Noor
  • Aoa. its been 6 months since i got nayatel connection. Its a wonderful and amazing service way way better than PTCL, and the good news is its very reasonable,the services are very satisfying. for all the people out there hesitating to shift to nayatel do it now !
    Amir farooq
  • My family have been ex- MBL users who shifted to Nayatel 2-3 years back and haven’t looked back ever since. We are extremely pleased with the level of customer service. The helpful staff facilitates you with trouble shooting over the phone or house calls. iVod is a great service especially all the content is PG rated :) We really appreciate the company’s team efforts in achieving it’s vision. Kudos!
    Ms Mehmud
  • Considering Nayatel service, I am a very big fan it and their services which is just a email away. Staff is always very supportive and ready to get the solutions for customers. I would recommend other to use Nayatel then you will realize the difference. Good Luck!!!
    Muhammad Faisal Qureshi
  • I have been using the Internet Services provided by Nayatel (micronet broadband) for about 14 years and till date I am completely satisfied with the services, or I can say I am 100% satisfied with Nayatel services
    Fakhruddin Razi
  • Have been a long time Nayatel user but recently got the HDBOX installed, i must say the service is exceptional. Channel quality is amazing and the added feature of iVod has rendered by media player useless. I normally download 1080p movies but since HRBOX have stopped downloading movies as all HD movies are available on iVod. Thumbs up to Nayatel and their services.
    Shaheryar Siddiqui
  • Unparalleled and incomparable! This is what comes to mind whenever Nayatel name appears anywhere. I have been served for the last 3 years and there has not been a single chance that I got dejected. Guys, keep up the good work. You do not only meet customer requirements but you are also great at customer satisfaction and delight.
    Baddar Muneer
  • Just writing to thank Nayatel for its consistent and continuous good service. I am a very satisfied customer for TV + Internet.
    Hassan Saud
  • Waaaaooow…………the best internet i have ever used the servise is excellent…………..highly recomended………………
    Umair Ajmal
  • If anyone thinks to have a reliable, always on , seamless internet service. I am personally recommending NAYATEL!!! Great internet, great cable and great TEAM!!! On time services are pleasant!
    Wajih Ullah Baig
  • Nayatel is the best of the best. Got what I heard about it. Keep it up guys.
    Badar Munir
  • I have been using nayatel triple-play services, including HDBOX, from last 2-3 years and i must say that these guys are doing some amazing job at providing high quality services with a massive peace of mind for the user.  i have become a huge fan of nayatel and constantly persuade my social circle to try it once…THUMBS UP !!!!
    Adil Zahid Abbasi
  • I have been using Nayatel internet, HD box and telephone service, for the last two years. i want to say simple words as feedback regarding all Nayatel services is Nayatel representatives, “YOU REALLY CARE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS”Fantastic Service in all respect, Timely and very positive response,Thanks Nayatel.
    Naeem Khan
  • Zabardast . Thanks for being the best service provider in Pakistan and the world over . Keep it up and don’t allow laxity in standards. Proud of you.
    Brig Anwar Khan (R)
  • It was raining since Morning and I was thinking that I might get an excuse that due to heavy rain in twin cities, we are unable to make installation of Fiber cable and setup HD box. I was totally amazed by commitment and dedication of all the engineer and technicians because they worked in heavy rain and extend their support till the time services get activated.
    Kashif Imtiaz
  • Thank you for the fantastic service and support I have received while here in Pakistan!!
    Matthew Mullins
  • We just installed a new connection of Nayatel and I must say that everything (Internet + Joy App) is just Outstanding. The browsing Speed is so fast that there is no buffering in streaming HD Videos. The Joy App is just wow like spending a onetime small amount and getting HD TV + 1000s of HD videos on iVod .
    Syed Amir Ali Shah
  • I am a Nayatel user since 2011. Recently I reported, regarding some troubleshooting and masking of my favorite channels. I must appreciate and hi-light that with in no time sales team from Rawalpindi office and the staff from complaint/installation reacted very swiftly and addressed my issues within 36 hours including replacement of my digital box.
    Col. Mustajab
  • I am very much great full for the services Nayatel has been providing me since day one, I had HD Box installed at my home and I really am thankful to Nayatel for having it installed in no time. I feel as if I am living in America with these kind of services. I am proudly telling people to have Nayatel installed at their business and homes. Thank you Nayatel
    Haroon Shauket (CEO) Car Hub
  • I was provided with Nayatel services within the time promised to me. I am not used to such exceptional service because of my earlier experience with a different broadband, but I am more than glad to say that people haven’t been appraising Nayatel services for random reasons, I now have every reason to believe they couldn’t speak the truth any better.
    Hamzah Shahid
  • I’m one of the foremost fans of Nayatel and have always expected excellent service, but today’s experience with Nayatel staff that shifted our services to F-11 was nothing short of exemplary. The staff worked the entire day with a dedication that is almost absent from our market, and with an enthusiasm that you rarely find.
    Ali Naseer Ahmed
  • nayatel i love you, you are the best connection through out Asia and also world. i have more friends in different countries, and we discuss regarding internet companies, i proudly say, nayatel is the best. your customer service is so much satisfactory…
    Gohar Zaman
  • No compromise on quality! That’s what I’ve heard from most, now I believe it. True example of team work, despite all technical fatigues. I must admire the leader of this honestly professional team.
    Shoaib Qureshi
  • I am Nayatel user from the last three years. I switched my internet connection from PTCL to Nayatel because of bad performance of PTCL. Nayatel has a professional team under their belt. I really appreciate their services. Well-done Nayatel and keep it up.
    Naveed Durrani
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