Now you can improve your internet connection, free of cost, by sitting at home. Nayatel NDoctor is a simple application that helps you find the problems in your internet and suggests solutions right away. With one click, you can share your internet status with our technical support team via email and sms.
With one click, you can now check

  • Slow internet causes and troubleshooting steps
  • Internet connectivity
  • Internet speed
  • Comparison of neighboring Wi-Fi and your internet
  • Number of devices connected to your internet
  • Bandwidth being used by the device containing the application
What is NDoctor?

NDoctor is a simple internet diagnostic app supported on Android and Windows based laptops/PCs. It can provide better understanding of your internet and can help you troubleshoot while sitting at home.
NDoctor will only work on Android version 4.x.x or higher and Windows 8 or higher.

Does NDoctor require any package?

NDoctor is a free to use application and does not require any package.

Can I use NDoctor on any internet?

NDoctor will only work on NAYAtel’s internet connection.