Nayatel brings Unlimited Bundle Plus @30Mbps speed with Unlimited Downloads for Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangout, Google Play and Google Drive in just Rs. 449/month (Govt Tax Applicable).

Unlimited Bundle @10Mbps
  • Rs. 449/month are in addition to your current Internet package
  • 30 Mbps internet speed is only for mentioned websites and applications. Normal browsing will be @current internet package
  • Unlimited Volume is only for mentioned websites and applications. Normal browsing will be @current package volume
  • If user account is locked due to any reason, Unlimited Bundle Plus will also be locked.
  • Netflix subscription is not included.
Rs. 449 extra per month (Govt Tax Applicable)

*New prices are applicable from 1st August 2019.

1Can YouTube videos be downloaded in the same package?
If YouTube video is downloaded through IDM, volume will not be consumed. In case, any other third party software is used to download the video, volume may be consumed.
2YouTube videos played through any media (Laptop/Desktop, Cell Phone, Smart TV) are included in this package?
Yes, regardless of the source, volume will not be consumed if Unlimited Bundle Plus is subscribed.
3Is Facebook Video/Audio Call feature is included in this package?
Facebook Video/Audio calls will consume volume as per actual
4How can 30Mbps separate speed be checked in case of Unlimited Bundle Plus?
This cannot be checked/verified via speed test websites. However, customer can run a couple of YouTube videos at the same time and download anything from the internet. Your videos will run smooth and you will get your internet speed on your other download. This indicates that YouTube video is not using your base internet package speed. Similarly, your YouTube consumption (volume) will not replicate in your usage history.
55) If websites/apps mentioned in this package are used through any sort of VPN software, will volume be consumed?
Yes. In this case, the traffic goes through VPN.
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