Faisalabad Coverage Area



Faisalabad Coverage Areas

Name of AreaStatus
204 Chak RoadPartially Available
208 Chak RoadPartially Available
Hamdan HeightsAvailable
208 Chak RoadPartially Available
40 KothianPartially Available
Al-Fiaz ColonyPartially Available
Amanat VillasAvailable
Al Najaf ColonyPartially Available
Aqsa TownPartially Available
Abdullah GardenAvailable
Ali GardenAvailable
Al-Raheem valley (Satyana road)Available
Al Barkat VillasAvailable
Al Masoom TownAvailable
Al Noor GardenAvailable
Al Qadir GardenAvailable
Alfateh GardenAvailable
Alhamra TownAvailable
Allied RoadPartially Available
Amin TownPartially Available
Amir TownPartially Available
Arfa Kareem Road/ GC Women University RoadPartially Available
Ashrafi VillasAvailable
Batala ColonyPartially Available
Bilal GardenAvailable
Bibi Jan RoadPartially Available
Bilal Road-Civil LinesPartially Available
Canal GardenAvailable
Canal Villas (Canal Road)Available
Canal ParkAvailable
VIP Canal ParkAvailable
Canal Road (Gatwala Bridge to Abdullahpur Bridge)Partially Available
Civil Lines/ New Civil LinesPartially Available
Defense block (Saeed colony #2 )Partially Available
D-Ground/ Chen One RoadAvailable
Faisal CityAvailable
Fareed townPartially Available
Faisal GardenAvailable
Faisal Garden Phase-IIAvailable
Faisal TownAvailable
Faisal ValleyAvailable
Fesco Officer's ColonyPartially Available
Forest ColonyPartially Available
Gulberg Thana RoadPartially Available
Ghalib CityAvailable
Ghulam MuhammadabadPartially Available
Gurunank PuraPartially Available
Mian PindPartially Available
Gulshan-e-HayatPartially Available
Green VillageAvailable
Gulistan Colony No 2Partially Available
Gulshan E HabibAvailable
Gulshan E MadinaAvailable
Haneef Garden Phase 1, 2Available
Haseeb Shaheed ColonyPartially Available
Hassan VillasAvailable
Heaven HabitatAvailable
Hilal RoadPartially Available
Hockey Stadium RoadPartially Available
Ibrahim VillasAvailable
Ismail ValleyAvailable
Ideal Town (Sargodha Road)Available
Iqbal Stadium RoadPartially Available
Jinnah ColonyPartially Available
Jail RoadPartially Available
Judicial ColonyAvailable
Kehkshan Colony 3Partially Available
Khan Town (Canal Road)Partially Available
Karim TownPartially Available
Kashmir RoadPartially Available
Khawaja GardenPartially Available
Khawaja Islam RoadPartially Available
Khurianwala to Chak Jhumra Road till Baypass RoadPartially Available
Khurianwala to Jaranwala Road till Gourmet FactoryPartially Available
Khurianwala to Sahinwala Road till Sadaqt LimitedPartially Available
Khyaban Colony No 1 & 2Partially Available
Khyaban GardensAvailable
Kehkashan ColonyPartially Available
Kohinoor CityAvailable
Kohinoor City CommercialPartially Available
Kohinoor TownAvailable
Lasani GardenAvailable
Lower Canal Satyana RoadPartially Available
Liaquat TownPartially Available
Liaqat Road / Circular Road / Kotwali RoadPartially Available
Millat RoadPartially Available
Millat RoadPartially Available
Muslim Town 2Partially Available
Motorway CityAvailable
Model Town (Block-C)Available
Mujahid townPartially Available
Madina Town W, X, Y & Z BlockPartially Available
Main Boulevard Road & Mountain Dr RoadPartially Available
Makkah GardenAvailable
Mall Road / Regency PlazaPartially Available
Maryam VillasAvailable
Millat Town (Block B)Available
Millat Town (Block F)Available
Millat Town (Block D)Available
Millat Town (Block E)Available
Mian Zulifqar Ali Shaheed RoadPartially Available
Model CityPartially Available
Muhammadia ColonyPartially Available
Muslim Town 1Partially Available
Muslim ParkPartially Available
Muslim Town - Officer BlockPartially Available
Naimat Colony 1Partially Available
Naimat Colony 2Partially Available
Narwala RoadPartially Available
Naveed GardenAvailable
Nayatel Office (Gatwala) to Khuranwala to Shahkot (LAFCO)Partially Available
New Garden BlockAvailable
New Green Town (Canal Road)Partially Available
Officers Colony No 1 & 2Partially Available
Park Town Available
Peoples Colony No 1, Block  A, B, C & D Available
Peoples Colony No 2Partially Available
Punj Pullian Road/ Industrial AvenuePartially Available
Qamar GardenAvailable
Rehman Gardens (Satyana Road)Available
Race Course Road (Iqbal Stadium)Partially Available
Rachna Town 1Partially Available
Raza GardenAvailable
Raza TownAvailable
Regency Road/Bank Lane/ Textile StreetPartially Available
Rex CityPartially Available
Riaz ul JannahAvailable
Shehzad ColonyPartially Available
Sabina TownAvailable
Safe HomesAvailable
Shayan VillasAvailable
S M VillasAvailable
Sarfraz ColonyAvailable
Sheikh Colony Partially Available
Samanabad C BlockPartially Available
Samanabad RoadPartially Available
Siddiqia Mill ColonyPartially Available
Sargodha Road(MTM to Metro)Partially Available
Satyana Road (Saleemi Chowk to Rippha International University)Partially Available
Shadman ColonyPartially Available
Shadman TownPartially Available
Shiekhupura Road (Chowk Bholy Jhugi to Shahkot Toll Plaza)Partially Available
Sitara ValleyPartially Available
Sitara Chemical Colony (Sheikhupura Road)Partially Available
Susan Road / Chenab MarketPartially Available
Tech Town (Canal Road)Available
Toyota Colony (Canal road)Available
University Town (Sargodha Road)Available
Umar HousingAvailable
Umar GardenAvailable
Umer HomesAvailable
Wapda Engineering AcademyPartially Available
Wapda City (Block A,B,C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K,L & M)Available
Wapda Town (Bhaghewaal road)Available
Wood Berry HomesAvailable
Zia TownAvailable
Zee GardenAvailable
Islamia ParkPartially Available
MansorabadPartially Available
Chak 103 RB Phalahi WalaAvailable
77 lokhaAvailable
Chak 200 RB LathianwalaPartially
New Green townAvailable
Amin town Salamat blockAvailable
NishatabadPartially Available
KhurianwalaPartially Available
Shahbaz TownPartially Available
Muhammadi ColonyAvailable
Kaleem Shaheed colonyPartially Available
Khayaban 3Partially Available
MadinabadPartially Available
74 RB Gurbaj purAvailable
Ashrafabad Industrial areaPartially Available
Green VillasAvailable
Ali Block Green TownAvailable
Motor MarketPartially Available
Mughal PuraPartially Available
Gulistan Colony 1Available
Gulistan Colony G BlockAvailable
Gulistan Colony H BlockAvailable
Ismail HomesAvailable
Gulshan e Rafiq Partially Available
Chak 189 Ghari Rasulpur Partially Available
Chak Samaana Partially Available
Susan road (West) Available
Jaranwala Road Partially Available
Nisar Colony Available
New Canal Garden (Samundari road) Available
Jinnah Abadi Available
Gulberg valley Available
Khalid Garden Available
Rehmania Town Available
Sangla Hill Road Partially Available
Sargodha Road (General Bus Stand to Motorway City) Partially Available
Kehkashan Colony 2 Partially Available
New Nazimabad Available
Al Rehmat Villas Available
Paradise Valley Phase 1Available
Sir Syed Town Available
Ghona East Available
Millat Road (Jamia Chistia Chowk to Sajjad Industrial area) Available
220 Grid Colony Available
Millat Industrial roadPartially Available
Sajjad Industrial EstatePartially Available
Islamia ParkPartially Available
New Nazimabad City Available
Raheem Garden Available
Chenab GardenPartially Available
National ColonyPartially Available
NoorpurPartially Available
Chak 74 RB BandlaPartially Available
Ghosia Colony, KhurianwalaPartially Available
Samnabad A BlockPartially Available
Nazimabad ValleyAvailable
Samundri RoadPartially Available
People Colony 2Partially Available
Maqbool roadPartially Available
Illahiabad RoadPartially Available
Gulistan Colony RoadPartially Available
Factory areaPartially Available
Karim Town InterchangePartially Available
Gulshan e UsmanPartially Available
Malik PurPartially Available
Samnabad B BlockPartially Available
Garden ColonyPartially Available
Abdullah Garden (Samundari road)Available
AminabadPartially Available
Mansorabad(st#1 to st#8)Partially Available
Khawaja Garden (Jhumra road) Available
Younas TownPartially Available
Bilal Gunj MarketPartially Available
Ada BalochniPartially Available
Shaheed e Millat marketPartially Available
PMC Staff ColonyAvailable
AkbarabadPartially Available
Neelum ColonyPartially Available
Model City 2Available
Dastageer ColonyAvailable
Sitara Smart CityAvailable
Chak Jhumra to Truck Stand Partially Available
Satayana Road (Extension)Partially Available
Taj ColonyPartially Available
Chak#70 Bandala (Extension)Partially Available
Chak#77 Lokha (Extension)Partially Available
Chak#189 Rasool Pura (Extension)Partially Available
Madina GardenAvailable
Prime CityPartially Available
MA Jinnah RdPartially Available
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