Peshawar Coverage Area



Peshawar Coverage Areas

Name of AreaSub AreaStatus
Askari 1 Available
Askari 2 Available
Askari 3 Available
Askari 4 Available
Askari 5 Available
Hayatabad Phase 1-Available
Hayatabad Phase 2
Deans HeightAvailable
J-5Partially Available
Hayatabad Phase 3Available
Hayatabad Phase 4Available
Hayatabad Phase 5Available
Hayatabad Phase 6FC ComplexAvailable
Hayatabad Phase 7Available
CantonmentDefense ColonyAvailable
Shami RoadAvailable
Abdali Road Paritally Available
AC Flats Paritally Available
Arbab Road Paritally Available
Artillery Road Paritally Available
Aziz Shaheed Road Available
Babar Lane Paritally Available
Babar Road Available
Bahadur Yar Jhang Road Paritally Available
Cavalery Lane Paritally Available
Choti Lal Kurti Road Paritally Available
Fakhar-e-Alam Road Available
Falcon 68 The Mall Available
Falcon 69 The Mall Available
Fort Road Paritally Available
Hospital Road Available
Islamia Road Available
Jalil Road Available
Jan Sher Khan Street Paritally Available
Judicial Complex Paritally Available
Khadim Hussain Road Paritally Available
Khalid Lane Available
Khalid Road Available
Khyber Road Paritally Available
Khyber Super Market Available
Landi Road Available
Liaqat Bazar Paritally Available
Mall Road Paritally Available
Michni Lane Available
Michni Road Paritally Available
Minhas Camp Available
Muneer Road Partially Available
New Barrack Road Partially Available
PC Hotel Available
Police Lines Partially Available
Rafiqui Camp Available
Rafiqui Lane Available
Rafiqui Road Available
Raza Shah Shaheed Road Partially Available
Saddar Road Partially Available
Sahibzada Gul Road Available
School Road Partially Available
Secretriate Road Partially Available
Shaheen Camp Available
Sir Syed Road Partially Available
South Circular Road Partially Available
Sunehri Masjid Road Partially Available
Tariq Lane Partially Available
Tariq Road Partially Available
Warsak RoadFrom Askari 4 to Darmangi Garden St 3Partially Available
Abshar Colony St 1-4Partially Available
Ali HomesParitally Available
Ali Model Town (Doctor Colony)Paritally Available
Ali VillasParitally Available
Arbab CottagesPartially Available
Arbab Sabz Ali TownAvailable
AshiqabadParitally Available
Basit Shaheed ColonyPartially Available
Bihari ColonyParitally Available
Civil Irrigation ColonyParitally Available
Executive LodgesAvailable
FATA SecretariatAvailable
IrshadabadParitally Available
Khan TownParitally Available
NBP ColonyPartially Available
New City VillasParitally Available
Northern HomesParitally Available
Officers Garden ColonyAvailable
RaufabadParitally Available
Rehman ColonyParitally Available
Sufian GardenParitally Available
Urban VillasParitally Available
Warsak GardenParitally Available
Rahatabad Partially Available
Karkhanu Market Available
Professor Colony Available
Canal TownPartially Available
Nasir Bagh RoadFrom PTCL Training Center to Regi Model Town Zone-3 EntrancePartially Available
Doctors ColonyPartially Available
Faisal ColonyPartially Available
Shah VillasPartially Available
Police ColonyAvailable
TariqabadPartially Available
Victoria HeightsAvailable
Shiekh Yaseen TownPartially Available
Professor Model TownPartially Available
University TownAbdara RoadAvailable
Ata Turk LaneAvailable
Chinar LaneAvailable
Chinar RoadAvailable
Circular LaneAvailable
Circular RoadAvailable
Deans ApartmentsAvailable
Gul Mohar LaneAvailable
Gul Mohar RoadAvailable
Gulshan-e-Iqbal RoadAvailable
Karakol LaneAvailable
Khan HeightsAvailable
Khushal Khan Khattak RoadAvailable
Mulberry RoadAvailable
Nizam Ghanznavi RoadAvailable
North Canal RoadPartially Available
Old Bara RoadPartially Available
Old Jamrud LaneAvailable
Old Jamrud RoadAvailable
Pakistan Academy of Rural Development (PARD)Available
Park LaneAvailable
Park RoadAvailable
Park View LaneAvailable
Rehman Baba RoadAvailable
School RoadAvailable
Sifat Ghayur RoadPartially Available
Syed Jamal-ud-Din Afghani LanePartially Available
Syed Jamal-ud-Din Afghani RoadAvailable
Town HeightsAvailable
Town ResidencyAvailable
University RoadFrom Gora Qabristan till Phase 3 ChowkPartially Available
Deans ComplexAvailable
Falcon ComplexAvailable
Gulshan-e-Iqbal ColonyAvailable
Kakakhel StreetPartially Available
Khalil TownAvailable
Khyber Colony 1Partially Available
Khyber Colony 2Partially Available
Khyber HeightsAvailable
Shaheen TownPartially Available
MuradabadPartially Available
North Arbab RoadPartially Available
Silk Executive ApartmentsAvailable
South Arbab RoadAvailable
SSG Para Training QuartersAvailable
Wadud ApartmentsAvailable
Abdara Partially Available
Academy TownAcademy TownPartially Available
LakhkarabadPartially Available
Ajab Khan Afridi RoadCivil QuartersPartially Available
Eman ApartmentsPartially Available
Bara RoadBara BazarPartially Available
DPO ShakasAvailable
FC Fort, ShakasAvailable
Charsadda RoadCharsadda RoadPartially Available
Amir Ayub ColonyPartially Available
KishwarabadPartially Available
Saif HomesPartially Available
City Circular RoadFrom Sarki Gate till Kohati Gate (Main Road)Partially Available
New Kakshal TownPartially Available
Dalazak RoadFrom Bacha Khan Chowk till Kabootar ChowkPartially Available
Zaryab ColonyPartially Available
DanishabadDanishabadPartially Available
Akbar TownPartially Available
FaqirabadFaqirabadPartially Available
Zaryab ColonyPartially Available
Ashrafia ColonyPartially Available
GulbergGulberg 1, 2 & 3Partially Available
Industrial EstateAvailable
JamrudJamrud BazarPartially Available
Karkhanu MarketAvailable
Kohat RoadBhana MariAvailable
NauthiaJadeedPartially Available
Pajjagi RoadAslam DheriPartially Available
BashirabadPartially Available
Haji TownPartially Available
Ibrahim TownPartially Available
Khwaja TownPartially Available
Madina ColonyPartially Available
MalakabadPartially Available
SaeedabadPartially Available
Usmania ColonyPartially Available
Palosi RoadFrom PCSIR Lab till Palosi AddaPartially Available
MaghdarzaiPartially Available
MullazaiPartially Available
PCSIR ColonyPartially Available
PCSIR LabPartially Available
TalarzaiPartially Available
Regi Model TownZone 3 - Sector A-1Available
Zone 3 - Sector A-2Partially Available
Zone 3 - Sector A-3Partially Available
Zone 3 - Sector B-1Available
Zone 3 - Sector B-2Available
Zone 3 - Sector B-3Available
Zone 3 - Sector C-1Available
Zone 3 - Sector C-2Available
Zone 3 - Sector C-3Available
Zone 3 - Sector D-1Partially Available
Zone 3 - Sector D-2Available
Zone 3 - Sector D-3Partially Available
Zone 4 - Sector A-1Available
Zone 4 - Sector A-2Available
Zone 4 - Sector A-3Available
Zone 4 - Sector B-1Available
Zone 4 - Sector B-2Available
Zone 4 - Sector B-3Available
Zone 4 - Sector C-1Available
Zone 4 - Sector C-2Available
Zone 4 - Sector C-3Available
Zone 4 - Sector C-4Available
Zone 4 - Sector C-5Available
Zone 4 - Sector D-1Available
Zone 4 - Sector D-2Available
Zone 4 - Sector D-3Available
Zone 4 - Sector D-4Available
Ring Road HayatabadFrom PDA Toll Plaza till Pishtakhara ChowkPartially Available
Ring Road WarsakSardar Ahmad Jan ColonyPartially Available
Tajabad-Partially Available
TehkalAfazalabadPartially Available
AmanabadPartially Available
DaudzaiPartially Available
GhareebabadPartially Available
Haji KhelPartially Available
Mohallah CharandaPartially Available
MughalzaiPartially Available
QadirabadPartially Available
Spin Ghar ApartmentsAvailable
Tehkal BalaPartially Available
Tehkal PayanPartially Available
GT Jamrud RdChamkaniParitally Available
JhagraParitally Available
Ring Road Warsak From Kabootar Chowk to GT RoadParitally Available
Ittehad ColonyParitally Available
Peshawar Gardens  Available
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