Do you fear Internet disconnections when you are away?

Are you running out of time to monitor your Internet link quality?

Don’t panic!

Be the first to know when your Internet is choking, down or facing frequent disconnections. Get Email & SMS alerts in real time with NMonitor and stay up to date with your Internet link status.

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Get instant alerts on Email/SMS when your Internet link is

  • Down
  • Frequent disconnections
  • Chokes
  • Device OFF
  • Ethernet Unplugged

Subscription fee: Starting from Rs.200/link/month

Free for internet corporate package customers paying above Rs.25,000/month

Terms & Conditions:

  • Service might not be available during emergency & scheduled maintained activity. Scheduled maintenance activities will be informed to all NMonitor subscribers via email & SMS.
  • Frequent disconnection alerts are available for Connect Packages only.
  • This service requires SNMP capable router may be needed depending upon the package being used.

How NMonitor works ?

This service monitors your internet link up/down, frequent internet disconnections (for connect packages only) and Bandwidth choking (bandwidth being fully utilized or not). It generates alerts in the form of SMS/Email which are sent to you on your registered Mobile/Email contact.

What settings do I need to perform in my router/end device if I avail NAYAtel NMonitor?

You need to have an SNMP capable router. Further, once you subscribe for the service, then NAYAtel Support will assist you in performing the required settings in your router/end device.

Can I monitor my LAN side internet usage?

NMonitor can assist in knowing the amount of bandwidth per port. If you exact want to know who is using what bandwidth and what websites are being opened, you can avail our Nwall service.

How can I monitor my WAN link choking?

Subscribe to NAYAtel Nmonitor service and you will be informed via SMS/Email when your link is being fully utilized.