Everything You Need to Know About How Fiber Internet Works

Get Your Nayatel Connection in Under Rs. 6,000
April 17, 2024
How-to: Save up to 20% on Your Annual Bill
May 30, 2024
Get Your Nayatel Connection in Under Rs. 6,000
April 17, 2024
How-to: Save up to 20% on Your Annual Bill
May 30, 2024

How fiber internet works - Nayatel

Everything You Need to Know About How Fiber Internet Works

In recent years, the use of fiber optics has grown significantly. You might be hearing a lot of terms related to fiber including “optical fiber”, “fiber optic cable” and “fiber optic internet”. However, not many of us understand its role in providing a faster, more reliable internet connection. In this blog, we’ll break down fiber optics, what it is, and how fiber internet works.

How Does Fiber Internet Technology Work?

Traditionally, internet connections rely on copper cables to transmit data. These cables transform data into electrical impulses which travel through the cables to reach their destination. However, electrical signals are susceptible to interference from external factors and lose strength over long distances.

Fiber optic cable, on the other hand, takes a whole new approach. When you send a request to load a webpage or stream a video, your device converts that request into digital data. This data is then translated into pulses of light, which travel through the fiber optic cables at the speed of light.

At the middle of the cable is its core protected by a glass layer called cladding. These light signals bounce their way down the core, and cladding keeps the signals in place, ensuring data safely reaches the other end.

These pulses keep on reflecting off the inner walls of the core until they reach the other end. There, a fiber internet device, commonly known as the optical network terminal (ONT) converts the light pulses back into data, bringing you the information you requested.

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How Much Does Fiber Internet Cost?

There’s no doubt that fiber internet has become top-tier when it comes to digital connectivity. However, with its reliability often comes a question: how much does it cost?

The truth is, fiber internet costs can vary depending on several factors, such as the internet providers, the location of your region, the availability of fiber optic infrastructure, and the bandwidth of your chosen package.

As the longest-standing fiber internet provider in the industry, Nayatel strives to make fast internet more accessible to you. The basic 20 Mbps fiber internet connection now costs only Rs. 1,950 per month, so you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds.

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Is Fiber-Internet Worth It?

Fiber optic internet is the best option for anyone who needs a fast and reliable internet connection.

Since fiber optic cables transmit data using light, they’re less susceptible to electrical interference and weather conditions. Not only this, fiber optic cables have a much higher capacity for data transmission compared to copper cables.

So, if you’re still looking for an answer, let us tell you: it’s a resounding yes! For a detailed insight on why fiber internet is the optimal choice for you, click here.

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