6 Expert Tips to Improve Internet Speed and Boost Wi-Fi Signal

Nayatel and Aurora Solutions Fuel Innovation and Growth Through Strategic Partnership
March 7, 2024
Get Your Nayatel Connection in Under Rs. 6,000
April 17, 2024
Nayatel and Aurora Solutions Fuel Innovation and Growth Through Strategic Partnership
March 7, 2024
Get Your Nayatel Connection in Under Rs. 6,000
April 17, 2024

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6 Expert Tips to Improve Internet Speed and Boost Wi-Fi Signal

Tired of slow webpage loading? Here are top 6 ways to improve your internet speed and boost your wifi signal without upgrading your internet package.

On the list of things that are painfully frustrating, slow internet speed definitely makes it to the top. Most of us think the reason behind slow internet is insufficient connection bandwidth. While it’s true in some cases, it’s not always the case.

Take, for example, a house connection of 50 Mbps with four connected devices, and the maximum you can get out of it is a 240p resolution YouTube video. In this case, the bandwidth is more than sufficient for an average household, but certain barriers stop the users from making the most out of it.

In this blog, we’ll tap into top 6 expert tips that can help you improve internet speed and boost Wi-Fi signal for better network performance.

1. Improve Wi-Fi Signal Strength in Every Room

You might have experienced the variation in the signal strength in different rooms. Walls, furniture, bookshelves, and obstruction of any kind can prevent the signals from reaching certain corners of the house. Therefore, ensuring optimal placement of your router is key to maximizing Wi-Fi coverage and improving internet speed.

Place the router centrally in your home, away from anything that can possibly hinder the signals from spreading out. This allows for better signal distribution throughout every room, providing you a better Wi-Fi speed.

2. Increase Your Wi-Fi Speed on Mobile Phones

According to a global data insights provider DataReportal, mobile phones have clinched the title of the most popular electronic device worldwide. So, if you aren’t getting a stable speed on your most favorite gadget, that’s a problem.

In case of experiencing slow internet on your mobile phone despite having a reliable connection, try resetting your Wi-Fi password. This will cut-off all the freeloaders and unnecessary devices eating up your bandwidth, resulting in better network performance.

A general rule of thumb is to update your Wi-Fi password every 3 months or so. Use strong, unique passwords and enable encryption to prevent unauthorized access from freeloaders.

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3. Improve Your Wi-Fi Router Performance

One of the reasons your internet isn’t performing up to the mark can be an outdated router. Routers play a key role in providing high-speed internet as they process your data. If the router is old, faulty, or outdated, it might not be equipped to handle the demands of modern internet usage and can cause slow loading times and buffering.

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Upgrading to a newer, more advanced model can significantly improve your internet speed and range. Nayatel has a vast range of up-to-date routers equipped with Wi-Fi 6 MU-MIMO technology and Embedded AI (eAI) acceleration, which keep your internet data streamlined. Check out some of the routers picked by the top experts in the industry:

  1. Ruijie EW1200
  2. Ruijie EW1200G – PRO
  3. Huawei K562E Edge ONT
  4. MikroTik Hex Gr3

4. Extend Your Wi-Fi Signal Range Through Walls

If your house has dead zones, chances are that keeping the router in the central location might not be enough. You need to make extra measurements to extend your Wi-Fi range through walls.

For areas with weak Wi-Fi signals, use a Wi-Fi Extender. Wi-Fi extenders catch the signal from your router and rebroadcasts them, boosting the signal and extending its reach to those previously unreachable corners. This ensures consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire building and provides stable connection across every room.

5. Get Better Wi-Fi on Desktop PC

For a truly buffer-free experience on your desktop or laptop, especially for online gaming or large file downloads, consider using an Ethernet cable.

An ethernet cable establishes a direct, wired connection between your device and the router, which results in smooth data traffic flow and a streamlined connection, especially if you are connected to fiber internet.

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With an ethernet cable connected to your device, you don’t need to worry about the placement of the router. As long as your cable is plugged into the router, you’re good to go!

6. Improve Your Wi-Fi While Gaming

Having a stable Wi-Fi while gaming is perhaps one of the biggest challenges Pakistani gamers have to deal with. Although the above tips would definitely improve your internet speed, there’s no guarantee they would be equally helpful in online gaming.

In that case, having multiple data backups and using a network connection optimizer can help eliminate the chance of losing internet during the match. ExitLag, recently introduced in Pakistan by Nayatel, is a gaming-ping stabilizer which allows you to optimize your connection route to the game server.

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The proprietary technology also detects a failing network and automatically switches to a faster, more stable connection without interrupting your game. This significantly improves your experience by minimizing delays and ensuring smoother gameplay.

By implementing these tips, you can significantly improve your internet speed, boost Wi-Fi signal strength, and enhance network performance. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming content, or engaging in online gaming, a faster and more reliable internet connection will make your digital experience seamless and efficient. Enjoy the benefits of a high-speed connection and unlock the full potential of your internet.

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