New JOY App for Android TVs

With Joy App, you can watch all Nayatel TV Channels and VOD on your Android TV without adding a separate box.


Tested TVs (Certified by Google)

  • TCL x*C6US
  • Sony KDLx*W800C
  • Sony KDx*X8000G
  • Sony KDx*X9000F
  • Sony KDx*A8F
  • Sony KD* X7500F

x is the size of the TV.

    • Android TV (Certified by Google) is mandatory to run Joy App.
    • 30 days trial period is free. After 30 days, you can subscribe to the service via Joy App.
    • Basic Cable TV and Internet service subscription is mandatory to subscribe to Joy App
    • Joy App can be subscribed in Rs. 2,000. Monthly charges are Rs. 400/month if Basic Cable TV is already subscribed. Else, Rs. 400/month for Basic Cable TV will be charged separately. (Charges may vary for each city)
    • 2nd Joy App for 2nd TV and onwards can be subscribed in Rs. 2,000. Monthly charges are as per each city.
    • One Time Cost (OTC) is Non-Refundable.
    • VOD is complimentary with Joy App.
    • Time shift of 24 hours is available only on certain specific channels.
    • Joy App works on Huawei Optical Network Terminal (ONT) customers only. To upgrade your ONT, email',
    • TV must be connected to ONT via Ethernet cable.
    • Trial of JoyApp can only be availed once on a particular TV.


    One Time (1 TV)



    Rs.500 (1 TV)

    Rs.400 (2nd TV onwards)

    Video on Demand (VOD) Your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries and much more in one place.

  • Complete your entertainment needs with 150+ SD, HD channels with different categories and recent favorite channels.




    TV Channels


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