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New JOY App for Android TVs

With Joy App, you can watch all Nayatel TV Channels and VOD on your Android TV without adding a separate box.

Joy App Trial

Standard charges will be applicable from 8th day

Tested TVs (Certified by Google)

  • TCL x*C6US
  • Sony KDLx*W800C
  • Sony KDx*X8000G
  • Sony KDx*X9000F
  • Sony KDx*A8F
  • Sony KD* X7500F

x is the size of the TV.

  • Customer will be charged a one-time cost of Rs.2,000 (exclusive of GST) in their next monthly bill. The price is nonrefundable.
  • To acquire Joy App, the customer must have Basic Cable TV & internet services.
  • Basic Cable Charges will apply.
  • VOD service are included in Joy App.
  • LIVE TV ( is not a part of the Joy App.
  • 24 hour time shift is available only on selected channels.
  • Joy App is only available for Islamabad/Rawalpindi customers.
  • Joy App works on Huawei ONT customers only. To upgrade your hardware, email
  • TV must be connected to ONT via Ethernet cable.
  • Joy app monthly charges are Rs. 400 for 1 TV (Additional TVs will be charged @Rs. 300/TV)
  • New customers will get 7 day free trial for every new Android TV
  • Joybox customers can avail Joyapp at Rs.300/TV
  • Customers will not be charged during the 7 day trial (If subscribed on the 7th day, you will be automatically charged on the 8th day)


One Time (1 TV)



Rs.400 (1 TV)

Rs.300 (2nd TV onwards)

Video on Demand (VOD) Your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries and much more in one place.

  • Complete your entertainment needs with 150+ SD, HD channels with different categories and recent favorite channels.




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