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Connect Packages




Price (Rs.)

Additional Usage Rate/GB

Connect 650 20M

20 Mbps

650 GB



Connect 890 25M

25 Mbps

890 GB



Connect 1250 25M

25 Mbps

1250 GB



Connect 1560 30M

30 Mbps

1560 GB



Connect 1650 30M

30 Mbps

1650 GB



Connect 1850 35M

35 Mbps

1850 GB




*New prices are applicable from 1st August 2019.

For customized proposals of multi-gigabyte Internet/data solutions please contact or UAN 111 11 44 44 ext:2

To avail connect packages and details please contact or UAN 111 11 44 44 ext:2


*These Packages are only available in Rawalpindi & Islamabad .

Upfront Charges Apply Now
Premium Packages
Packages Speed
Premium 2 2 Mbps
Premium 3 3 Mbps
Premium 4 4 Mbps
Premium 5 5 Mbps
Premium 6 6 Mbps
Premium 7 7 Mbps
Premium 8 8 Mbps
Premium 9 9 Mbps
Premium 10 10 Mbps
Upto Multi-Gbps
Nayatel offers from 2Mbps to Multi-Gbps. For commercial proposals please contact, UAN 111 11 44 44 Ext:2 or your sales account manager.
Upfront Charges Apply Now
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Packages Speed Monthly Charges (Rs.)
Premium 1 1 Mbps Rs. 29,000/-
Premium 2 2 Mbps Rs. 48,000/-
Premium 3 [gn_label style="important"]NEW[/gn_label] 3 Mbps Rs. 72,000/-
Premium 4 4 Mbps Rs. 95,000/-
Premium 5 [gn_label style="important"]NEW[/gn_label] 5 Mbps Rs. 120,000/-
Premium 6 6 Mbps Rs. 136,450/-
[/gn_table] Note: For higher bandwidth please contact Nayatel Sales Department. Note: The new packages are effective from 1st February 2014, for all existing and new customers. Note: Existing customers packages will be upgraded to new packages from 2nd week of February 2014. Note: Customized proposals for multi-gigabyte Internet/data solutions please contact or UAN 111 11 44 44 ext:2 One (1) month advance security deposit (refundable) is applicable with service package activation.
14 % Advance tax applicable as per Government rules
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For Corporate Customers Installation charges Connect, Premium and MAN (Metro Network) Packages (includes 200 ft double fiber drop cable) Rs. 6,000
For Home Customers Installation charges Home Package (includes 100 ft double fiber drop cable) Rs. 3,000
[/gn_table] [/toggle] [toggle title="Choice of Hardware" open="1"] [gn_table style="1"]
Optical Network Terminal (ONT) 4 Ethernet ,2 POTS, 1 RF with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Rs 1,000 per month (on 26 months installment plan) NOTE: Total GST charges will be applicable on first installment. ONT can also be purchased via full up front payment
[/gn_table] [/toggle] [toggle title="Broadband Router" open="1"] [gn_table style="1"]
Broadband Wireless Router Rs. 1,724/- (exclusive of GST)
WiFi Extender Rs. 3,077/- (exclusive of GST)
[/gn_table] [/toggle] Warranty: one year from the date of purchase. All the hardware will only be installed and opened by NTL Technician. Any tempering with the hardware by the customer will void the warranty. Customer has to provide earthing for the connection. In case of non-availability of earthing at customer premises and fault arising in hardware, warranty would be considered as void.

One (1) month advance security deposit (refundable) is applicable with service package activation.

Government Taxes applicable
Nayatel Sales: (09:00 am to 05:30 pm) Monday to Saturday
Billing: (09:00 am to 05:30 pm)
Support: 24*7

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