What is ONT

ONT(Optical Network Terminal)

An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is a media gateway that converts optical signals to electrical/RF signals. This device is required at customer premesis to terminate optical fiber, hence plays a vital role in provisioning of FTTU Triple Play services (Internet,Basic Cable TV and Phone). Nayatel offers Huawei EG8247H5, for provisioning of FTTU Triple Play services. Depicted below is the Huawei Variant EG8247H5.

ONT Model
ONT Model
LAN1-LAN4Gigabit Ethernet ports (RJ-45), used for connecting to PCs or IP STBs
TEL1-TEL2TelePhone ports, used for connecting to the ports on telePhone sets
CATVRF port, used to connect to a TV set
Ethernet ports LAN1-LAN4, Phone ports TEL1-TEL2 and RF port CATV indicate demarcation points for Internet, Phone and Basic Cable TV services respectively, generally known as triple play services. Huawei EG8247H5 comes with six significant features as described below.


  1. Ethernet: Internet/Data services
  2. Wi-Fi Antenna: Wireless access to internet
  3. Built-in Router: ONT capability to dial internet connection
  4. Phone: TelePhone
  5. RF Video: Basic Cable TV
  6. USB: Digital Data Communication


Ethernet is a networking technology for data transfer in a local area network (LAN). ONT uses Ethernet ports to provide end users with connectivity to Internet/VPNs/Voice/E1s and Metro Ethernet Data network. Ethernet cable, commonly comprised of a UTP cable with RJ 45 connectors at both ends, is used to connect end user to Ethernet port.
Wi-Fi Antenna
Wi-Fi Antenna is used to provide end user with the wireless access to internet. This feature is available in Huawei EG8247H5. The signal strength of these Wi-Fi antennas is enough to cover a single average size floor, hence no access point is required for wireless coverage to one floor.
Built-in Router
Built-in Router is another cutting-edge feature of ONT, available in Huawei EG8247H5. This is the ONT capability to dial internet connection and provide end users with other value added features like Access Control and Traffic Filtering. In the legacy models of Alcatel where these features were not available, users were required to connect an external router for dialling internet connection and enabling other value added features.
Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)
Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is a term which describes the voice-grade telephony service that remains the basic form of residential and small business service connection to telephone network nearly everywhere in the world. Each POTS port is activated with a unique phone number. User can have as many telephone lines activated as the total number of POTS ports available on the ONT.
RF Video
RF Video indicates the video service commonly known as Cable TV. A coaxial cable is used to connect television or set-top box (for HD Channels) to RF port on ONT.
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