What is TriOSS?

In today’s age, service providers invest considerable resources in deployment, provision and management of network services. Such traditional solutions are time-consuming, costly and require dedicated human resource support. Nayatel brings TriOSS, an articulate Operational Support System for telecommunications service providers. TriOSS automated solutions ensure configuration, authorization, accounting, provisioning and integration leading to operational effectiveness. Nayatel’s cost effective, simplified, scalable and adaptive TriOSS solution optimizes your core business operations by reducing complexity and improving service quality.

PON Solution

TriOSS provides a complete PON Customer creation, integration, configuration and provisioning solution. It also offers locking/unlocking of services remotely and fetches logs automatically including alarms from ONT/OLT.
Basic Features

ONT Creation

§  ONT configuration

§  Internet provisioning

§  VAS profile containing internal ONT configuration

Inventory Management


§  Retrieval of all ONT information

OLT service Retrieval


§  Service port details of ONTs

§  Network service VLANs

§  GEMport to user VLAN mappings

§  Bandwidth profiles

SYS log based Alarm Retrieval 

§  Current alarms of ONTs

§  Historical alarms of ONTs

§  OLT hardware status alerts

Real Time ONT Status Monitoring and Locking/Unlocking


§  ONT status

§  Optical power of ONT

§  Ethernet port and MAC status

§  BERs

Advanced Features

Inventory Management


§  Retrieval of OLT hardware components information

OLT service Retrieval


§  Line profiles                       

§  Service profiles                 

§  Alarm profiles                   

§  Native VLANs                    

§  MAC address count  

SYS log based Alarm Retrieval


§  Command logs of CLI for OLTs

§  Threshold alerts 

Real Time ONT Status Monitoring and Locking/Unlocking


§  ONT locking/unlocking

§  Ethernet port locking/unlocking


Optional Features


ONT Creation

§  RF cable provisioning

Real Time ONT Status Monitoring and Locking/Unlocking


§  RF port status

§  RF port locking/unlocking



ONT Creation

§  POTS provisioning with POTS IP assignment

Real Time ONT Status Monitoring and Locking/Unlocking


§  POTS port locking/unlocking



ONT Creation

§  IPTV provisioning with multicast configurations

§  Multicast configurations

Real Time ONT Status Monitoring and Locking/Unlocking


§  Channel viewership

AAA Solution

TriOSS offers AAA Solution that automates Authentication, Authorization and Accounting of the user efficiently and reduces the time and human resource cost involved.
Basic Features


§  Username

§  Password

§  MAC address


§  Service based authorization

§  Segregation of dynamic and static IP allocation


§  Interim accounting

§  Event based accounting

Optional Features

§  Parental locking (time based)

§  Bandwidth on demand

§  Service based bandwidth segregation

§  Time based service provisioning

§  Time based bandwidth provisioning

§  Auto BRAS logout

§  Customer CGNAT logs

§  CGNAT integration

§  Time based accounting

§  Service based accounting

Voice Solution

TriOSS enables you to mediate, fetch and rate CDR automatically. It also empowers you to have Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Voice Automation to activate phone subscribers on your soft switch.

CDR Mediation & Rating System

Basic Features
    §  CDR fetching & mediation
    §  CDR rating as per tariff
    §  CDR rating as per interconnect tariff
Optional Features
    §  Customized tariff
    §  Customized pulse duration
    §  Apply monthly limit on subscribers

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

Basic Features
    §  Auto pop up on call with customer details
    §  Integration of asterisk with customer CRM
Optional Features
    §  Customer call categorization on CRM by agent
    §  Add number against existing user in CRM DB
    §  Open complaint on single click
    §  Send email (predefined templates) on one click
    §  Send SMS (predefined templates) on single click

Voice Automation

Basic Feature
    §  Activation of phone subscriber on soft switch
Optional Features
    §  Locking/unlocking of subscribers using CRM
    §  Getting current status of subscriber using CRM

For details, Email: trioss@nayatel.com

Nayatel Sales: (09:00 am to 05:30 pm) Monday to Saturday
Support: 24*7

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