SIP Trunk old

SIP Trunk

Replace traditional phone with Nayatel SIP and add up to 100 trunk lines without any additional hardware.


  • Cost effective
  • Free upgradation
  • Easily scalable
  • Flexible numbering plans
  • Branch offices can have local extension dialing on unified numbering plans
Optical Network Terminal (ONT)Starting from ~ Rs 19,000/-
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Monthly ChargesTrunk Line: Rs. 30/- per month (1 DID Free per line)
Additional DIDs: : Rs. 30/- per DID
Government taxes applicable:
10 % Advance tax
19.5 % Excise Duty– Punjab
17 % tax – Federal
Warranty: One year from the date of purchase. CPE will only be installed and opened by NTL Technician. Any tempering with the CPE by the customer will void the warranty. Customer has to provide earthing for the connection. In case of non-availability of earthing at customer premises and fault arising in ONT, warranty would be considered as void.

Installation Charges:

  • For Connect, Premium and MAN(Metro Network) Packages (includes 200 ft double fiber drop cable): Rs. 6000/-
  • For Home Packages (includes 100 ft double fiber drop cable): Rs. 3000/-
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Support: 24*7

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