Saad Warraich - Nayatel
Irfan Raja
March 23, 2007

While I was not very happy with the time it took to have the service commissioned, I was very happy with the level of knowledge and professionalism of your people. This is the first time I’ve seen people in this industry who actually know what they are talking about.

On the service itself, even though I’ve used it for a couple of days but I can already tell that it is blindingly fast compared to the DSL service I had from another provider in the past. It seems that I am getting around 300Kbps on my circuit which is an very good deal for the price I am paying. Another key difference that I have noted is the reconnects are extremely fast and I did not have to call your support line even once even though I had to disconnect and move my router around to find the optimum coverage spot for the wireless reception. The only thing I was a little disappointed about was that streaming video is still not possible.

While my prime need was to have a fast and reliable data connection, the video output is also very clear and crisp and all the channels of our interest are there. Most important of all though, it works every time I switch on the TV compared to my previous cable service.

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