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August 28, 2021

Nayatel Partners with eShifa and Shifa International Hospital Ltd. as their IT Solution Provider

Nayatel Partners with eShifa and Shifa International Hospital Ltd. as their IT Solution Provider The shift and impact of the digital surge in the year 2020 have pushed a lot of organizations around the world to transform their businesses in the digital and technical sphere. Change has become inevitable and digital transformation is now deemed as the need of the hour. More and more institutions are revolutionizing their standard practices and are moving towards innovative solutions for their customers. Shifa International Hospital Ltd. has been paving its way in providing integrated health care technologies and has transformed its services by collaborating with eShifa Platform. Their android & IOS app has built-in a patient care model, where hospital services are provided in the comfort of one’s home. Having a tertiary hospital at the back end and accredited by Joint Commission International, not only increases the trust level for the app but also proves to be a reliable alternative to visiting hospitals during the ongoing pandemic. This makes it the only truly virtual hospital solution in the country. Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd, an established Internet Service Provider, has recently been making strides in the software industry, with their innovative business-to-business software solutions. After the successful partnership with Novatel and Best Western Premier Hotel as their IT Solution provider; Nayatel has closed an exclusive deal with Shifa International Hospital Ltd., for managing their Payment Gateway Integration model for their eShifa Platform. Furthermore, Nayatel will also be providing Digital Signage Solution to Shifa International Hospital Ltd  Through Digital Signage, Shifa International Hospital has converted its on-premises TV screens into mini digital billboards that can run images and videos related to healthcare with the push of a button. The centralized management system of Nayatel’s Digital Signage service will help Shifa to manage the content being run on their TV screens via a user-friendly dashboard. eShifa App has been successful in carrying out numerous tests as well as consultations after its launch. The app is currently taking payments by cash, but the project has now opted for Nayatel as their One Payment Solution provider, to collect their payment via Debit/Credit card as well as Easy Paisa, and as their Digital Signage solution provider. This deal not only places Nayatel as an IT Partner for eShifa, but also opens up a new revenue stream for the thriving company. This partnership has been generated on a long-term basis and Nayatel hopes to extend the same level of quality service to all its business partners.
August 20, 2021

Nayatel launches Free 1-month Trial for Beta version of its new Cloud Platform, hosted within Pakistan

Nayatel launches Free 1-month Trial for Beta version of its new Cloud Platform, hosted within Pakistan Cloud; the new buzzword in this digital age is catching the attention of young and old, technical and non-technical people alike. While service providers are focusing on building their cloud platforms for users across the globe, the ease of use has become a game-changer when it comes to managing your own cloud machines. The dashboards are confusing, support requires one to be highly “techy” and prices as compared to specs are sky-high. Catering to all of these pain points, Nayatel has partnered with Canonical to offer a beta version of its new cloud platform with a free 1-month trial. The trial package consists of 8 CPUs, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, 1 Floating IP and 1 VM (Free till 16th September 2021) Nayatel claims to provide its cloud platform with easy-to-use dashboards, in-house 24/7 premium support (the unique selling point of Nayatel services), and prices as compared to specs are extremely affordable. Our cloud platform is hosted within Pakistan, thus providing low latency, more security and greater reliability, unlike international cloud solution providers. Nayatel Cloud facilitates the users to create their own virtual data centers with a self-service dashboard. Customers themselves can create their virtual servers with full console access. They can perform shutdown and reboots, take snapshots of servers, spin-up the snapshots for testing environments, erase everything and start again. Customers can connect the servers in different network topologies, place firewalls or load-balancers on the front, configure databases in secure isolated networks and add or remove cloud applications. It seems to be a great opportunity for industries, enterprises and startups to avail this free 1-month trial and share their feedback with Nayatel.
May 26, 2021

Nayatel and Facebook Partner to Improve Internet Connectivity for Millions of Pakistanis Across Eight Cities

Nayatel and Facebook Partner to Improve Internet Connectivity for Millions of Pakistanis Across Eight Cities Islamabad, May 26: Nayatel and Facebook today announced a partnership to invest in fiber broadband in Pakistan to improve and expand connectivity in the country. High-speed, reliable, and affordable broadband has become a basic household necessity as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect millions across the globe. Nayatel will deploy new fiber networks to serve as the backbone infrastructure for 4G/5G mobile and fixed broadband, which is a key driver of economic growth and job creation. Under this partnership, Nayatel will own, build, maintain, and operate a new fiber network and provide wholesale capacity to mobile operators and ISPs, and Facebook will invest in the fiber build and support network planning. This high-speed fiber will connect thousands of sites by 2022, and improve capacity and the geographical reach of internet access to approximately 10 to 15 million people across 8 major cities in Pakistan. This network will further support Pakistan’s digital revolution and is in line with the Government’s efforts to enhance inclusive connectivity across the country. The network will offer fiber backhaul on an open-access, non-discriminatory basis to mobile operators and ISPs, increasing capacity and supporting high speed for 4G/5G connectivity. By investing and supporting the building of networks, Facebook is helping operators leverage fiber infrastructure to improve access to affordable broadband. This initiative is the first of its kind for Facebook in Pakistan and represents a broader strategy of investing in the country and improving connectivity in the region. “We’re proud to partner with Nayatel as part of our efforts to bring fast and reliable internet connectivity to people around the world, including in Pakistan,” said Tom Varghese, Head of Connectivity and Access Policy, Asia Pacific, Facebook. “We look forward to working with Nayatel to enable more open-access fiber infrastructure and note that a progressive and collaborative regulatory environment will help to attract further investments to improve internet connectivity in Pakistan.” Speaking about the partnership Wahaj us Siraj, CEO Nayatel said “We’re excited for this first-ever partnership of a Pakistani company with Facebook to expand fiber broadband to bring high-speed internet to millions of customers”. He further added “This collaboration will accelerate the Government’s vision of digital Pakistan by increasing productivity for small and medium businesses, creating new job opportunities and online learning for the youth. The partnership demonstrates confidence from a leading global brand like Facebook in Pakistan’s tech and entrepreneurial potential and we sincerely hope that the Government will implement fast track reforms with predictable regulations and policies to attract more foreign investors in the tech sector”.
January 22, 2021

Nayatel become exclusive Technology Partner with Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd

Nayatel beating International Competitors to Become Exclusive Technology Partner with Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Owner & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad. On Wednesday, the 6th of January 2021, Nayatel and Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Owner & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad, providing premium experience to their guests, signed an exclusive agreement. Under this agreement, Nayatel will be the exclusive technology partner of Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Owner & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel for their Telecom Infrastructure needs. Nayatel is recognized not only as the first operator to introduce fiber to the home in South Asia, but also as a leading business solution provider in the Telecom Industry. With a vast portfolio encompassing services that cater to the needs of different businesses, Nayatel is pacing up its game by competing Internationally. The partnership with Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Owner & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad, a leading International Hotel, not only places Nayatel as their Internet Service Provider, but has also bagged the alliance as their IPTV, Digital Signage and other Telecom and IT Infrastructure requirements on long term basis. Speaking on the occasion, Wahaj Siraj, Chief Executive Officer, Nayatel, said, “As a digital service company, Nayatel has never failed to put its best foot forward. With a dedicated team coordinating the feasibilities and fulfilling all the technical requirements, we have not only managed to bring Nayatel’s competencies on the forefront, but have also succeeded in developing strong partnerships in terms of providing business solutions, leaving even international options behind. This partnership with Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad has deemed to be a tremendous start to the new year and has enabled Nayatel to keep on shining in its proficiencies in the International Telecom Solutions’ realm.” Now stepping foot into the hospitality industry, with the provisioning of services like IPTV for Hotels, Nayatel can seamlessly integrate an array of content with or without installing STB at customer’s end (They can deliver IPTV services via their app on Android TV’s). Along with that, Digital Signage will enable Progressive Hotels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Owner & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad, to engage their target audience with live digital ads and videos on multiple TV screens via content management system over web. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jawad S Khawaja, Managing Director, said “I am honored to start this joint venture among Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Owner & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad, and Nayatel, becoming the exclusive technology partner with us. This venture offers an excellent opportunity to provide premium technology services to our guests. This new international partnership with Nayatel will not only strengthen Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Owner & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad’s dedication to its core principles but also to expand its ability to offer its guests a tech facility of a truly unique view of our increasingly interconnected world and hospitality and tourism.” Nayatel hopes to fully facilitate the leading chain of Hotels and wishes a fruitful long term partnership ahead.
October 20, 2020

Nayatel eView

Being the first Fiber to the Home Operator in Pakistan, providing premium triple play services including Internet, Cable TV, and Phone to its customers; Nayatel has also introduced innovative value added products and services, that have benefitted its home and corporate clients. One such service is E-View; in which you don’t need a static IP to access your cameras. You can have your own security camera solution and let Nayatel’s E-View provide you with a customized URL, which is easy to remember to access your security cameras. This service can be used by Nayatel home and corporate customers, where you can instantly monitor all your security footage and view the activity through your cameras 24/7 from anywhere. A dedicated support team is also available that aids in the initial configuration of the URL when remote configuration is not possible. To subscribe to this service, simply login to the Customer Portal or download My Nayatel App.
July 29, 2020

Nayatel Partners with to Launch NMX Bajao

Nayatel has launched NMX Bajao – a music streaming channel to promote Pakistani Artists Music all day long. This is going to be a new music channel addition in Pakistan after more than a decade. In a partnership with, Nayatel has introduced the channel to promote Pakistani music industry and provide a platform to young musicians to show their talent to the masses. With multitudes of music content available online without proper licenses, Nayatel and aim to provide copyrighted and licensed music to Nayatel’s users. The channel will have 24-hour streaming of vibrant folk music, 80s/90s music, pop songs, concerts, recently released music videos and Pakistani films music. In light of the rising tensions of cross borders, all Indian content was removed from NMX channels as per the instructions of Government. However, Nayatel believes that Pakistani Artists are equally and in some niches, more talented than any other talents available across the globe. Keeping in view the company’s beliefs, the latest endeavor aims to provide Pakistani talents seamless & authentic entertainment. The channel will be available to all customers subscribed to video services of Nayatel.
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