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Customers having peace of mind

I am a very big fan of Nayatel and there value added services like I-VOD. The new I-VOD portal is just awesome because now every movie is played on the website itself and the new design is also very good and the video performance and quality is also excellent. Good Work I-VOD Team.

— Jaseem Khan

I have been using Nayatel since Jan 14 and i am loving it. No downtime, affordable and excellent customer service. Cable and telephony is amazing aswell. This is service in the true sense seriously Nayatel is the best and i am saying this after using almost every broadband service in the country.
Good luck

— Ali Rafeh Chughtai

When we talk about internet service and quality, Nayatel is leading at the front with best internet packages, and speed. Apart from this the customer support services of Nayatel is outclass !!. Whenever i have faced issues the customer support team has done a great job in resolving that. Also the packages they offer to their customers in promotion really shows that apart from business they do really care for customer needs.

In Pakistan Nayatel is the best Internet and Cable service provider and if they maintain the same quality, I am sure they will maintain the No. 1 title.

— Atta Ullah Shah

When we talk about entertainment then first word comes in mind is fast Internet.Only fast internet can entertain live stream channels.It is Nayatel who provided 10 live channels with the capacity of 6 hour recording. I have been using Nayatel Live since 8 months and this thing is amazing.

If a person becomes a customer of Nayatel then it is much difficult to go others unless having no services in that area.

— Wajid Hussain