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Customers having peace of mind

Considering Nayatel service, I am a very big fan it and their services which is just a email away. Staff is always very supportive and ready to get the solutions for customers. I would recommend other to use Nayatel then you will realize the difference. Good Luck!!!

— Muhammad Faisal Qureshi

My family have been ex- MBL users who shifted to Nayatel 2-3 years back and haven’t looked back ever since. We are extremely pleased with the level of customer service. The helpful staff facilitates you with trouble shooting over the phone or house calls. iVod is a great service especially all the content is PG rated :)

We really appreciate the company’s team efforts in achieving it’s vision.


— Ms Mehmud

Aoa. its been 6 months since i got nayatel connection. Its a wonderful and amazing service way way better than PTCL, and the good news is its very reasonable,the services are very satisfying. for all the people out there hesitating to shift to nayatel do it now !

— Amir farooq

Everyone out there you got to install Nayatel’s HD BOX. It just takes to another world of crisp, clear and mind boggling picture quality and terrific sound. I watched few cricket and tennis matches live and believe me I felt as I was sitting in the stadium. It was a breathtaking experience without any exaggeration. Not just the HD BOX but the internet speed is phenomenal. Simply putting it Nayatel rocks.

— Babar Malik